Classes are currently held on Monday & Thursday evenings.

Beginner’s Class, ages 7 & Up, White Belt thru Orange w/stripe – 6:00-6:45 in the YDC (across from pool)

All Ranks Youth/Adult, ages 7 & Up: 7:00 – 8:00 in the GXS (far back left of the building)

Extended Class Time – 8:00 – 8:30 (for anyone who wants further training)

BLACK BELT TEST PREP CLASS: As announced, Friday evenings at 6PM (usually once or twice per month)

Upcoming Events:

Because of where LifeTrek is, geographically speaking, we want to make our students aware of events in both Region 5 & Region 6. Please click on the links for more info on each region and their upcoming events.

LifeTrek Martial Arts 2019 Calendar of Events

(subject to change, and other events may be found at the regional sites listed below)

October 18th – Region 5 Fall Black Belt Test in Chula Vista, WI

October 19th – Region 5 Midwest Extravaganza in Chula Vista, WI

October 20th – Region 5 Clinic in Chula Vista, WI

November 2nd – Region 6 All Ranks Clinic in Birmingham, AL

December 14th – LifeTrek Color Belt Test 9:30am – 11:30am

December 19th – LifeTrek Christmas Party and Belt Promotion – Family Bible Church

Important Links:

World Tang Soo Do Association

Map of All US WTSDA Studios

WTSDA Region 6

WTSDA Region 5