About LifeTrek

LifeTrek Martial Arts (LTMA) was founded by Brian Burkett in February of 2016 at the Downtown Branch of the YMCA of Southwestern Indiana. With only two 1-hour classes and 4 students initially, the program grew to nearly 40 students within a year, and the program relocated to the Dunigan Branch due to space considerations.

Shortly after relocating classes, Mr. Zinho Barros joined the staff of LTMA as a green belt teaching our beginner’s program. Since that time, LTMA has had the opportunity to work with nearly 200 students, several of whom have attained the rank of black belt, and many who have competed and placed in various tournaments.

LTMA was a member school of a large, worldwide organization from its inception through the end of 2021 and is responsible for bringing Tang Soo Do back to the area after several decades with no presence whatsoever. The studio currently has affiliation with an international fellowship of schools whereby we maintain independence and control of our own curriculum, while enjoying the benefits of a large network of similarly minded martial artists and instructors across the nation and around the world.

As an independent school, the staff of LTMA continues to teach traditional Tang Soo Do, instilling the same skills and attributes that were taught to us, while also providing opportunities for innovation and cross-training in other arts, as the occasion arises.

Lear more about our vision and our leadership team by clicking on the links below:

Our Vision

Leadership Team

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